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Little boy blue.... by URs4NiN3Z
Little boy blue....
Doodled a sad Quint... who knows why he's sad. Probably because he thinks he's not like the cool puppies XD

That or someone pulled his tail WHO KNOWS XD

i think it turned out okay... those ears though lul.... 

Muppies/Quint's Design :icongutter-mutt:

Snakes in the BUSH! -Bound For Violence- PART 1 by URs4NiN3Z
Snakes in the BUSH! -Bound For Violence- PART 1

Finally my piece for the Bound for Violence event for :iconmafiadogs:

Day late, but had some family crap come up but finally its here. RP was already done but had to draw up the picture. yeeee 

I like how it came out despite how rushed it was.... poor babies getting taken!

♦ ~VERNICE~ ♣ || Harley had noticed a lot of dogs missing in the pack. She had no idea where they were or what was happening. Word through the vine was someone was taking them, but Harley knew better than to believe the crazy birds around the hazardous reactor. The older female moved through the rubble towards the building to see if Mavro was perhaps there. He wasn't and this concerned her. The vernice boss was gone? Harley huffed and ran out of the building and hoped at least Arty was still here. She needed to find all the missing dogs. The crimson capo would bark and bark for her other brother. “ARTY!!” ||♣

<SpiffyInu>The silver capo's ears flicked forward as his name was called. He'd been resting in one of the office buildings, despite all the panic with these disappearances. Arty slowly pushed up off the ground, and stretched, giving a sleepy yawn. "What," the old capo grumbled, walking stiffly out of the building. He'd growl at the old black and crimson female. "What do you want Harley?"

<URs4NiN3Z>♦ ~VERNICE~ ♣ || She'd walk up to him despite the growling and huff at him. “Notice anything odd about Vernice?” Blinking slowly, one dead eye staring coldly at her brother, Harley would not back down from the grumpy dog. “We need to find Mavro and the others. This isn't normal at all.” Turning tail she'd have Arty follow her as she sniffed around for evidence. Little did she know, some reptilian fellows were already on their way to get her and her brother. ||♣

<SpiffyInu>The male huffed, and snorted at his sister, but he was really too tired to argue with her. "Well I noticed you waking me up from my nape," he grumbled. "Really, what's the emergency?" He trailed after her with a kind of listless look in his eyes. He didn't seem too interested in playing detective, and was quite unaware of the snakes lurking nearby.

<URs4NiN3Z>♦ ~VERNICE~ ♣ || Harley snorted at him and kept walking. Her nose to the ground she'd search for a scent, anyones scent at this point. The capo female flicked her tail as she kicked up some dirt, sniffing and huffing around. Her ears flicked as she looked up and noticed something strange. Huh? She'd move closer to the shaking bushes and tilted her head. “What is that?” Then suddenly something darted from it in a flash. Harley couldn't even see it but felt a sharp prick like sensation in her front right paw. “What the!” She'd bark and felt it again in her back leg. The hell was going on? INVISIBLE NEEDLES! ||♣

<SpiffyInu>Arty heaved a sigh, and continued to pad after the insistent female as Harley looked for clues. "Hmm? What is it?" He tried to glance around her and into the bushes, but when Harley jumped and started barking, Arty stepped back. "What happened?" Quick as darts two snakes lunged at him, one biting into his shoulder and the other getting his ankle. The male snarled, and bent down, striking out at the snake biting into his leg.

<URs4NiN3Z>♦ ~VERNICE~ ♣ || Harley snapped at the sensation and got a snake to the snout. Yelping and shaking her head, she tried to shake the snake off but once she did she was already feeling the effects of their venom. Shit. “A... ARTY!” She'd bark out and snap at things she thought were the snake, one thing ended up being Arty's tail. Oops. “FUCKING SHIT!” Bark bark snarl! She'd start spinning around like a cornered bull in a rodeo. Her vision blurring even though it was only her one eye. Head light and she felt woozy. Harley tumbled to the ground, growling and blinking slowly as she drifted from consciousness. “A...arty.” She'd whimper then darkness. ||♣

<SpiffyInu>Arty was too busy crushing one snake between his jaws as several more struck out, sinking their fangs deep into his flesh. He was already starting to feel light headed, and the world was taking on a fuzzy dark edge. "Harley!" He tried to shout, but his throat felt like something was clogging t up. The male went down hard, and the snakes slithered away as the two passed out. Soon a couple of dogs would show up to drag them away to Mayhem.

<URs4NiN3Z>♦ ~VERNICE~ ♣ || The crimson and black female would stir from the darkness. She'd be in immense pain and her head would throb. Harley opened her eyes seeing nothing at first but soon the blurriness would become clear and that's when she'd pick out a few familiar faces, including her brother, Mavro and Arty who was next to her. The capo would attempt to stand but as she did she felt something tug at her back legs. OW. She'd yelp out from the pain as she tugged. Harley would turn her head to look behind her and saw her that her legs were chained up and then her eyes widened as she noticed... not chained in the usual way. The clip went through the skin that protected the tendon... it was in fact in front of the tendon so if she even tried she'd fuck herself if she tried to rip it out. “S...shit. What the fuck?” Her eyes looked around frantically... “A...arty?” She's whimper out, laying back down her mouth really dry all the sudden. ||♣

<SpiffyInu>The silver piebald was laying passed out on the cold concrete, with chains hooked into the back of his legs, and one chain around his neck. He didn't hear Harley, as he was still lost in the dark recess of unconsciousness.

Harley :iconurs4nin3z:

Arty :iconspiffyinu:


[MD] Salem --Arty/Harley Pup-- by URs4NiN3Z
[MD] Salem --Arty/Harley Pup--
SO.... finally this is my Harpy pup.... Salem. SHe's well... not a roll over and take it type. She's like her dad... has a mouth on her and doesn't roll over easily. Salem was born with no tail... and one ear is rose like and one is perked... She's also really aggressive towards other pups for no reason. She cares about her siblings deeply and watches out for them... sometimes too much. She's always keeping an eye out for them. Salem is a lot like her parents... both of them... but more so Arty. Her brothers, Grimm, Mortum and Cadaver are her whole life. 

Eventually she'll be a submissive dog, but right now she's all over the place, causing trouble. She'll learn one day XD

Design/Harley/Harpy pUps :iconurs4nin3z:

Arty/Mortum :iconspiffyinu:

Grimm :iconkach-22:

Cadaver :icongutter-mutt:

Quint -Muppy Ref- [Di Vernice] by URs4NiN3Z
Quint -Muppy Ref- [Di Vernice]
Finally... here's my Muppy from :icongutter-mutt:


He's a Quinn look a like and I feel that's gonna bite him in the butt once he's bigger XD


Name: Quint

Nicknames? N/A

-Father- Mavro
-Mother- Zepplin
-Siblings- All muppies
-Uncle- Arty
-Aunt- Harley
-Cousins- Claudia, Byron

Age: 10weeks. 
Breed: Purebred Capo Cane.

Work in Progress. 

Pack: Vernice.
Rank: Offspring. Apprentice.





His info will update as he's Role played in the group. He's a wee babe right now so he's pretty boring LOL 


Capos/Mavro/Muppies :icongutter-mutt:

Hello everyone in :iconmafiadogs:

I have returned from the long trip to Disney World for halloween and it was amazing!!!!

Unfortunately all the amazing pictures i took on my damn phone were erased... I WILL however try to figure out a way to retrieve them if i can.

The dogs missed us lol thankfully my boyfriend watched them for the days me and the fam were on vacation. I will however never fly if i can help it again....

Cleveland to Atlanta to Orlando and the same way back.... UGH and the last plane home this morning was like... idk man it was sketchy lol

SO NEEDLESS TO SAY im back and i'm going to be needing some updates as to what's going on and I WILL ALSO be planning some stuff for Ordine....

I need you all to get trying out for the adopts because if i can't get more entries I will just stop adopts all together for Ordine.

SO i probably won't be in tonight at the chat, because unpacking and im exhausted from fricken walking all over the Disney parks lol

I will try for Monday but again tonight I will try to get on

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Mer, Nines or MerMer
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I'm 20, an artist, and a writer. I love my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am easy to get along with and I love making friends.

this awesome picture of Harley and Ivy done by :iconshaiuzikami:

Mer Icon CM by Gaybies

Harley Icon by :icongaybies: <33


My Youtube!…

Vendetta by RebelYote

Vendetta icons by :iconrebelyote:

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