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About Digital Art / Student Mer, Nines or MerMer23/Female/United States Group :iconcav3-can3m: CAV3-CAN3M
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Hazardous Waste - Badge for SpiffyInu- by URs4NiN3Z
That Creepy Grin by URs4NiN3Z
Ursa my Dogsona! by URs4NiN3Z
Ninez Badge by URs4NiN3Z
Badges with simple headshots. I will take points or Linden [Second Life money] Equivalent! 


Its up and running and im selling SPhynx Cat mods for the kemono avatar and PAWS Feline head. IF you wanna see inworld versions hit me up! </I>

I'm still doing customs base pricing is from 1200 to 1900 L depending on details and time working on it. 

SO I'm just really excited to finally have a store up and running hehe!!
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So i was just fucking around and decided that... sure lets make some icons... SOOO i think that I'm gonna make people some if they want them....

Depending... i guess on if i feel like people are interested... SOOO yisss im very happy with this lol

NINEZ :iconURs4NiN3Z
Laughing Hyenas... beware
Just to be safe... I put mature since there's blood spatter XD

But here is my animatronic/Fantronic Hex the hyena.... She's got rollar blades for feet and she was an idea the execs at Fazbear had where they were planning on having a roller rink type place. Well actually kinda like 50's diner type thing. She was kinda left abandoned after the plan fell through. She resurfaced when they were finding animatronics for the new Fazbear Pizzaria. 

She's crazy... she'll cackle for no reason and her laugh is glitchy. If you stare at her she'll get really angry. Hex likes to play with you and tease you more then actually hurt you. Guess you could say she likes to toy with her prey before she doesn't anything. If you give her a reason to attack you that is... then your toast!

Her bottom jaw is exposed metal. Her tongue is always hanging out mostly like a panting dog. Her jaw is broke so it can't move, at least that's what she wants you to think. Her claws are exposed as well... long gnarly claws she'll use to rip you to shreds if the time calls for that. 

But yes... This is my lovely fanimatronic and i have quite a few but she's the first one in an actual cartoony style i made lol so yes!

ENJOY IT I might make more things like this if people like the idea lol 

FNAF Belongs to Scott Cawthorn

Hex :iconurs4nin3z:
Always here... by URs4NiN3Z
Always here...
For my lovely gal, :iconspiffyinu: 

The summer time blues have been hitting her hard and I can say im right there with you girl. Its tough and its even harder when you have those little voices yapping at you all the time with all the racing thoughts. I love you girl, and your my best friend ^_^ Just wanted to draw something for you to hopefully make you feel a little bit better...

Your blue and orange monster is always ere for hugs and fluffy kisses!! ^^

Hazard :iconspiffyinu:
Ninez :iconurs4nin3z: 
[MD] Cheshire ref 2015 by URs4NiN3Z
[MD] Cheshire ref 2015
This guys is insane. Hence his name. He's got a joker like facial scar on his muzzle and he's a bit screwed up in the head. I'm excited to play him because i never did get a chance to so... here he is. XD love his design as well mmmm


design :icongutter-mutt:
[MD] Hemlock ref 2015 by URs4NiN3Z
[MD] Hemlock ref 2015
Ah yes this guy never really got to play but he basically is Doctor House in a dog's body. Same egotisitcal personality etc. His leg is all fucked up from human experimentation. He used to have a short tail but i figured.... i need a character with a long tail so here he is XD


design :icongutter-mutt:


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Mer, Nines or MerMer
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

I'm 20, an artist, and a writer. I love my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am easy to get along with and I love making friends.

this awesome picture of Harley and Ivy done by :iconshaiuzikami:

Foxy by Galefaux

Harley Icon by :icongaybies: <33


My Youtube!…

Vendetta by RebelYote

Vendetta icons by :iconrebelyote:

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